All prices are per couple, per session of 2 hours. Beverages are not included. Towels and bathrobes are provided.


   week   weekends*
& feast days 
 Basic Package 119  129 
 Breakfast Package 149  159
 Lunch / Dinner Package     179  189





weekend: Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Do you want to book a room in combination with Privé Sauna Aquarelle? More here

For more details about the Lunch / Dinner Package, see here.


 per extra hour  55 euro 
 per extra person  25 euro
 per extra person (from the 6th)   15 euro

The relaxation room has a capacity of 7 people. The absolute maximum capacity is 11 people, here you will lose some comfort with every extra person.


Children under 6 years are free. Nothing extra is provided here either. Children over 6 years are counted as an extra person.

There is a SMEG fridge in the relaxation room, from which you can have a refreshing drink or snack if you wish. Present in our fridge: soft drinks, beers, wines, champagne, cava, Magnum ice cream, Ben & Jerry's ice cream, Croky nuts, Pringles Chips, etc.

The consommations from the fridge are to be charged extra.

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